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Info on the series is still pretty much in lockdown mode, though I'll try to make a roundup post over there soonish collecting what's been announced. Some people are whining about the absurd amount of secrecy, but I'm just going ♥ OMG IT IS LIKE THE SECRECY FOR ADOLESCENCE MOKUSHIROKU EXCEPT EVEN MORESO, WAY NATSUKASHII, I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MANY YEARS IT'S BEEN. I'm wondering how close to the air date he can get before showing a single frame of actual animation, lol. (Still images don't count!)

Someone on 2ch commented on the "95" symbol on the teaser site (when Ikuhara was asked to explain it, he said "I can't say anything about that"): "A series that takes place in a subway, and '95'? As in '1995' and the sarin incident? way, couldn't be, right?" Other people were like, "Yeah, no way, couldn't be..."

But I remember Ikuhara talking about it in interviews ages back during Utena several times, and he mentioned in passing that he saw the attack as an attempt "to change the world." Hrm. Not that I expect it to be explicitly referenced in any way, but I also doubt it's a coincidence. At minimum, it seems likely to at least be an inspiration for choosing the subway as the show's visual theme. Anyway, if it is related, it sounds like it'll be coming out of a similar headspace as Utena, with a particular social issue/event coloring the atmosphere. Cannot wait for this to start, I HAVE MISSED IKUHARA SO MUCH.


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