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+ Kanba seems to pick up on Shouma's feelings for Ringo in the hospital scene, which I'd guess accounts for his abrupt change in demeanor towards her in the anime in the scene they share together later.

Was it [ profile] canis_m who suggested that #1 going after the panties during their scene was supposed to signal that Kanba wasn't at all interested in Ringo? That makes more sense to me now if that was what they were going for, but it's completely useless without even a freaking reaction shot of Kanba in the first scene. Fail.

+ Ringo's feelings are made a lot more clear, I thought in the episode she folded much too quickly but here I get it. "Of course, Project M was important, but Shouma should never have gotten involved in it like that." She thinks if Shouma hadn't pushed her out of the way she'd be the one in the hospital bed, or even dead, so it's only right that helping Shouma takes priority over saving her family.

+ Kanba being utterly appalled at his own stupidity during the Himari scarf scene is really cute.

+ Masako bringing Shouma the drugged purin is cute. A little more dialogue than in the anime. Ringo complains that he shouldn't start with dessert, and he retorts that he's tired so he needs something sweet to get his energy up. Ringo: "You're such a child!" ♥


+ The Ringo/Kanba scene is very well written. Ringo is genuinely scared that Shouma will die, and she's also surprised as she realizes how much she's started to care about him.

+ Ringo basically having a Shouma montage moment: "His annoyed, smiling face… His annoyed, angry face… His annoyed voice when he scolded her… Ringo missed it all." OH, KIDS.

+ ", but..." If she could trust Shouma-kun, maybe that meant she could trust Kanba too, Ringo thought. She was a little surprised as she realized just how much she completely trusted Shouma. "You better save him, no matter what!"

Kanba glanced at Ringo, giving her a smile, and said firmly: "He's my little brother."

Me: ♥ KANBA, BE MY BIG BROTHER!!, wait, that's not right., on second thought, that's EXACTLY how I feel.

+ Ringo giving up the diary:

But all she could do now is believe that doing this would save Shouma.

Her phone didn't ring again, and when she tried calling the number back, there was no connection. Ringo felt overwhelmed with misery, in her head and in her heart, and made her way back to Shouma's hospital room.

Was her heart still pitch black?

Was it still black and dirty?

Now that she'd lost the diary, Ringo had very little left remaining within her heart. Momoka's diary had been a huge source of energy for her to go on living. Because she'd had that diary, Ringo had been able to connect herself to reality.

If Takakura Shouma didn't come back to her, maybe there would never be another person whose hands could wipe away the blackness of Oginome Ringo's heart.

OH, RINGO ;___________________;

+ The frantic race to get Shouma back is in part because Himari is coming back with Shouma's clothes and nobody wants to have to explain to Himari that he's missing. Adds a cute element of tension to the plot that I liked.

There is an extra scene at the end where Himari comes back and finds Ringo alone in the hospital room crying (the sheets on the hospital bed still smell like Shouma~). Ringo tries to hide her tears, and right then the boys return. Himari is pissed they left Ringo-chan all alone in Sho-chan's room, and the boys make up a story about letting her have the bed to take a nap because she was so tired. Ringo agrees with their story and, pretending to be talking about the bed, she says meaningfully to them both: "Thank you."

She watches the twins and thinks they maybe they are a little bit alike, after all: neither of them will stop at anything when it comes to helping Himari.

The scene ties everything together really nicely, should have been in the show. I hated how they just left off with Ringo crying all alone. :|

I don't feel like I even have to say Ikuhara is my FAVORITE FOREVER, and I do love this show, but the novels just make me consistently frustrated with the anime. I've been kind of rolling my eyes at Ikuhara's, "You can read the novels first because the anime will surpass your imagination!" I shouldn't need to be relying on the novels this much to understand what everyone is feeling. And when the novels have made me cry four times in the past three chapters, while the anime has only gotten tears out of me once, you're dropping the ball somewhere. :/
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