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Chapter for episode 11 is really not that different.

+ Instead of just the one mannequin with the sweater on it, Masako has the ENTIRE HALLWAY filled with mannequins wearing exact ensembles from Kanba's own wardrobe. She's such a creeper. XD

+ The Masako/Kanba showdown is somehow easier to digest. Partly because it's in novel form, so you can take your time with it, partly because now know enough to understand what she's getting at:

"Do you remember what you told me when we were young?"

And her speech about the penguins and how Kanba is about to fall off and die: "That place is like that." i.e. Kanba screwing around on the creepy train.

After Kanba leaves she goes back to painting her portrait of him, and she thinks his expression in the painting is saying to her: if you're cursed, I'll be cursed together with you...

+ The train is really busy in the Ringo/Sho scene. Shouma is getting side-eyed by all the commuters during their fight and he's mortified when Ringo hits him. After Ringo flounces off he's like, OH WELL THE DIARY WAS THE ONLY REASON WE HUNG OUT ANYWAY, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE CONNECTING US~ ....and I'm like, 素直じゃないんだから〜

+ About the frog Ringo uses for the spell: I'd forgotten it appears on earth once every sixteen years. Odd given that Masako refers to the curse from sixteen years ago as well.

+ After Ringo doses Tabuki, she keeps thinking, SEE?? I CAN DO EVERYTHING BY MYSELF!!! I DON'T NEED TAKAKURA SHOUMA AFTER ALL!!! HE WAS ONLY IN MY WAY!!!! (....and I'm like, 素直じゃないんだから〜)

+ After Ringo gets up from the bed: "Everyone feels nervous at first. It's okay. I'll teach you how to fly." Tabuki hasn't met a situation that can't be improved with a bird metaphor, apparently. Later when he's banging on the door he begs Ringo: "Let me be your little bird! I want to sit in the palm of your hand and die right there of happiness!" I can't.


+ Yuriiiii♥

TABUKI: Ringo-chaaaan, let me see your cute face! I can make you into a real woman! You know that, right?
YURI: Ooh, what a fabulous line! Sounds like something out of a play!

+ I can't stop giggling at Ringo's internal monologue when she thinks she can't POSSIBLY love Shouma and runs down a long list of all the things that are uncool about him.

+ "One thing was for sure: since Shouma had appeared, Ringo had become a crybaby. Even though she lashed out at him whenever they spoke, without even realizing it herself, she'd become able to cry at the times she ought to properly cry. And she'd become good at it."

+ As Shouma and Himari are waiting outside Ringo's place, Shouma reflects on the total idiocy of the move of "bringing your little sister and rolled cabbage along when you come to apologize to a girl." He asks himself What Would Kanba Do, and concludes that Kanba would not do any of the above and definitely would not be caught dead standing around outside a girl's place waiting for her to come home. XXXD

He mumbles, "If it were him..." and Himari asks what he's thinking. When he tells her, Himari says that's not right, because whenever Shouma and Kanba would fight, Kanba would be pouting stubbornly to himself but would be happy whenever Shouma made the rolled cabbage since he knew they'd be able to make up. ♥

Shouma is like, well, that's true, but this isn't my brother, this is a GIRL. He thinks he should ask Himari what she'd do if she had a fight with a girl friend (insensitive much, Shouma) but then thinks better of it, since then Himari would just misunderstand his relationship with Ringo even more. He thinks to himself that if Kanba had a fight with a girl and wanted to make up, he'd just pretend that the fight never happened and would brush it off if he were asked about it like he didn't even remember it ever happened in the first place. XD

+ "GIVE ME BACK MY DESTINY!!" Ringo is the best.

+ Purikuri's reaction in the end train scene is different. She starts laughing after Shouma makes his confession and he yells at her to shut up, and she smiles creepily on, "Seizon senryaku, shimashou ka."

I just started episode 12, but during Kenzan's phone call, that line isn't included. Huh.

I also went back to the first novel and Shouma simply says, "How could you say that in front of our sister?" in the first chapter.

Weird. Why are both lines in the anime and not in the novels?

The novels do harp on about "the twins being nothing alike," but that's really not much to go on with foreshadowing in comparison. I wonder why they made that choice, assuming it's going somewhere.
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