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Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:United States of America
[info]nyonyo works as an assistant language teacher in Saitama, Japan. She enjoys reading, cult television shows, fashion, drawing, and studying Japanese. She also devotes far too much time and energy on mocking Smallville, a show she loves like that really hot guy you have a huge crush on until you find out he can't exactly read.

Her money is largely poured into the evil JE empire, for love of Arashi and concert-going.

STUDENTS: Sensei, have you ever been to an Arashi concert?
[info]nyonyo: I go as much as I can! I flew the other month to Sapporo to see them.
STUDENTS: .........sensei, are you a groupie? DDDD:
[info]nyonyo: NO!

Interests (136):

#7/#5 hairbrush spanking, akiocar x the georgemobile, alias, alice's adventures in wonderland, angel the series, anime, animorphs, arashi, arrested development, art, beer x hiro, being abused by smallville, being hurt by smallville, belle and sebastian, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, bound yukionna, boybands being educational, buffy the vampire slayer, burning clark's red jacket, caffeine, calling light raito, calvin and hobbes, captains named jack, chara, chlark, chlex, chlionel, chloe being lois, chloe sullivan, chloe sullivan's wardrobe, clark kent+dashboard confessional=otp, clex, concert-going, crepes in harajuku, david tennant, death note, digimon02, dirty!sexy!norrington, doctor who, drawing, epically epic, eternal sunshine, everwood, fanart, farscape, fashion illustration, fictional boyfriends, firefly, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, garden state, gilmore girls, good omens, graphic design, guys named logan, hair over plot, hana yori dango, hanakimi, harry potter, haruki murakami, hating dean, hating logan's turtlenecks, honey bitter, house of leaves, inappropriately loving john glover, jack/elizabeth, japanese, john glover's hair, johnny depp, joss whedon, jun/mao, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, karaoke, kunihiko ikuhara, lionel+martian manhunter=bff, lip gloss, lord of the rings, making icons, manga, marco, master vampire sakano, matsujun, matsujun's questionable fashion sense, mawaru penguindrum, meimi x shiori, milk tea, mocking vampire au fanfic, movies, nana, neil gaiman, nervous venus, ninja and roommate, nodame cantabile, ogling john barrowman's ass, omg! love the braff!, painting, pantless!logan, pants!logan, paradise kiss, perfectly aligned love, peter pan, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, princess tutu, rachel/marco, reading, rilo kiley, rory/paris, scrubs, shimotsuma monogatari, shiny things, shipping chloe with everyone, shoujo kakumei utena, slash, slings and arrows, smallville, smallville's own underground railroad, sparkles, spyparents, stars, sunny days, tanemura arina, terry pratchett, the akio car, the attolia series, the chronicles of narnia, the fantastic ford fusion, the patamon destroys me, the queen's thief series, the x-files, tori amos, tsukasa's pimp coats, utena, veronica mars, veronica/logan, wesley/lilah
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