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Work is utterly dull. I spent today digging through random text files and finding some fic snippets I'd forgotten entirely about. So, fic dump.

Title: there are only the pursued and the pursuing
Series: Hana Yori Dango drama, post-Returns
Characters: Rui/Shigeru
The mere act of sitting on Rui's bed gave her the sense of disturbing some meticulously-arranged museum display piece. )

Title: kill them with kindness
Series: Evangelion
Characters: Misato/Kaji, Shinji
She wishes that she could offer him kindness, because she knows he's seen too little of it in his lifetime. )

Title: you remind me of home
Series: NANA
Characters: Nana, Hachi
Going from being a coddled puppy to a stray must be tough. )

Title: not every saint is a fool
Series: Smallville, post-"Vessel" AU
Characters: Chloe/Lionel
I do not love you, she has stressed repeatedly over the course of their arrangement thus far. )

Title: don't think of the places you should have been
Series: Animorphs, post-series
Characters: Marco, Eva
He can (almost) start to breathe easily. )
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Title: prepare your heart not to stop too soon
Series/Characters: Animorphs, Marco/Rachel
Rating: PG
Notes: A piece of this was in the giant post-war AU Marco/Rachel story I am writing, and then I realized it didn't belong in that story at all, but was actually more of a prologue. So then I thought it would be a drabble for the [ profile] animorphs100 futurefic challenge. But then it got, you know, just a smidge past the 100 word limit.
Summary: a·ni·morphs. n. Idiot teenagers with a death wish.

Rachel apparently thinks that if someday Jake ever snaps his fingers, Marco will go and fight for (world peace/freedom of humanity/fill in other cause of choice in the blank here). )
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I keep meaning to do the drabble challenges more often, but it never seems to happen. Luckily, this week I had something already on hand that matched the theme. Hurrah for not-really-productivity!

Title: with my feet on the dash the world doesn't matter
Series/Characters Animorphs, Marco/Rachel
Rating: PG
Notes: For [ profile] animorphs100, for the theme "driving."

Despite his video game expertise, combined with the practical experience of driving ninety miles an hour through war zones and the wrong side of the freeway, Marco fails his first driving exam. )


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