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I know everyone is going BAAAAAAAAAAW I HATE SMALLVILLE right now, but fuck it. Come what may, I want to party this summer. It's not like Doctor Who is on to dull the SV pain

Above comm is for the purpose of Chloe/Chlois-related partying, provided enough people show up to participate! (Otherwise I guess it will just be me posting on my lonesome as crickets chirp. As I see pretty much everyone saying they're on the verge of ditching the show, I am prepared for that possibility.)

Every two weeks starting Sunday, going up until the S9 premiere, there will be a Chloe-related posting challenge. The plan is for there to be something for everyone by the end of the summer: random spamming, making top ten lists of awesome, fanmixes, picspams, fanwork reccing and pimping, important and relevant discussion of Chloe's hair through the years.

Tomorrow will open the comm for business with a finale reactionary spam post to carry us through to Sunday. I imagine it's either going to involve sparkletext and GG macros of Blair squeeing, orrrr will involve lots of BOLD ALLCAPS OUTPOURING OF RAGE and GG macros of Blair all pissy. PLEASE JOIN AND MAKE THIS SHIT EPIC

(I'm actually going to be suuuuper late watching the finale, between my time difference, having to be at work, and my torrents usually going slowish; I probably won't get to see it until 8~10 hours after it airs EST. I'm staying off the internets until my download is done, because I'm crazy and want the full masochistic unspoiled experience. So um I will be late to the party I'm hosting. And I will warn y'all in advance, no matter which way it goes? I'm showing up totally wasted.)

IN CONCLUSION: none of you people have "epically epic" listed as an LJ interest. What is WRONG with everyone?
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Seeing as how [ profile] mojotastic just recently took it upon herself to expose the Chloe Mafia's well-kept secrets of Allison Mack's many sins, I thought it only right to make a few icons to better spread the word.

And, one more for good measure:

Oh, Smallville fandom. Never change.


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