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ORZ I am so tiiiiired. We've been running around all over the place.

PHOTO POST TIME. There's something for everyone here, and by "everyone," I mean, "the people who share my sick obsession with a certain drama that starts with Hana and ends with...Dan." Though there's some Maou stuff in here too.


The rest of the past few days in brief: Utaban was absolutely amazing, Maou tonight was my favorite episode so far, we took other purikura that I may have decorated with an obscene amount of sparkles and written "both dazzled and dazzling" on, I still want to see Hanadan Final more times, and my 24 Jikan Terebi t-shirt has shipped, yay.
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So. It's just possible that you might have gleaned this fact from my LJ for the past...half a year...but.

This one movie came out today!

Hana Yori Dango Final )
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My new Arashi keitai strap has died. It hasn't even been a month! My phone was buried under my pillow, and when I grabbed it, the strap got caught. I tugged it free, and...beheaded the caterpillar. Poor caterpillar.

Anyway. The Hanadan Final countdown excitement continues. I'm enjoying my Returns DVDs very much. Especially since the premiere and the finale are extended director's cuts. I haven't watched the finale yet, but the premiere extended cut offered Toma and his minions stripped down to their boxers, so I have high hopes for the finale extra footage.

And so, picspam. Yes, I have already picspammed this two-hour episode once. But this time, the caps are DVD quality, and I've gotten much better at making them pretty!

Hana Yori Dango Returns 01: picspam! )
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Work is utterly dull. I spent today digging through random text files and finding some fic snippets I'd forgotten entirely about. So, fic dump.

Title: there are only the pursued and the pursuing
Series: Hana Yori Dango drama, post-Returns
Characters: Rui/Shigeru
The mere act of sitting on Rui's bed gave her the sense of disturbing some meticulously-arranged museum display piece. )

Title: kill them with kindness
Series: Evangelion
Characters: Misato/Kaji, Shinji
She wishes that she could offer him kindness, because she knows he's seen too little of it in his lifetime. )

Title: you remind me of home
Series: NANA
Characters: Nana, Hachi
Going from being a coddled puppy to a stray must be tough. )

Title: not every saint is a fool
Series: Smallville, post-"Vessel" AU
Characters: Chloe/Lionel
I do not love you, she has stressed repeatedly over the course of their arrangement thus far. )

Title: don't think of the places you should have been
Series: Animorphs, post-series
Characters: Marco, Eva
He can (almost) start to breathe easily. )
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Ayako and I watched the second episode of Hanadan Returns last night, and her roommate ended up joining us. Even though she didn't understand it, she'd watched Meteor Garden so she was able to get by. It was so funny; she was yelling at the screen, "I don't understand!! Why doesn't she just pick Rui?!!!" and Ayako was like, "I know!!"

I said before we started, "I can only watch one episode, since I have class tomorrow morning," but they both freaked out at the end of the second episode and wheedled me into one more.

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It's been a weird couple of days. )

Hanadan Returns 06. 'If F4 Mommy and Daddy get divorced, what will happen? Will they fight over the apple as their settlement? Will each of them get half? Will Rui's half be made into applesauce? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERING!' )

I have never really particularly wanted a mood theme, but I am thisclose to working on one made entirely of Tsukasa's FAAAAAAAACE moments.
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Woke up at 9:27 for my 9:40 class. Considering that I live like...twelve blocks? from campus and the class in question was up on the part of campus with the zillion steps, I feel I deserve an award of managing to get there by 9:47 (no bus, no shuttle, just running as fast as I could!). The projector was broken so the lecture hadn't started yet when I got there, which was good.

Afterwards, though, Erica and I did lunch and then downloaded the new Hanadan from her room. The download took forever, though, so we ended up watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, and then live action Sailormoon on YouTube. She'd never seen it before, which made it even more awesome to mock together.

Then, Hanadan. One of her dormmates wandered in during Sailormoon, and she decided to just stick around for Hanadan despite not knowing Japanese. So basically, Erica and I were watching together, literally clinging to each other's hands for dear life, screaming bloody murder, and then waiting for a lull to briefly summarize the dialogue for the other girl.

Hanadan Returns 05. About halfway through the episode, the girl watching with us remarked, 'Based on today's viewing, I've come to the conclusion that all Japanese guys are totally emo.' Hee. Oh, and the picspam overdosed on Tsukasa's red coat. I WANT THAT COAT FOR MYSELF LIKE BURNING, YOU GUYS. )

Sooo...I'm scared I might fail college this semester? I shouldn't even be doing picspam right now, but since I have more homework than I think I could finish if I worked 24/7 all weekend (I told Erica the work I need to do by Monday and she wailed, "I'm going to CRY!!" "I should be the one crying!!" "I'll cry for you!!"), I'm feeling less inspired and more fatalistic about the situation.
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I had my final class of the week - morning Japanese Lit with Roddy-sensei. I was falling asleep and felt awful, since I love his class. I'd been sitting near the front out of habit (since unless you sat up front last semester you could never hear him) and got a text message from Erika, the other officer in Japan Club, to say she was in the same class and was sitting in back. *giggle*

So after class, we went to lunch, which was great, because I've always liked her but we've never actually hung out together. I asked her if she'd been watching Hanadan 2, and she said no. So I asked, ", do you want to?"

So, I took her back to my dorm and we watched all of S2 in one go. [ profile] nihongofrancais called me in the middle of episode one to tell me that the torrent was up for the new episode, so I was downloading as we watched the rest. *giggle*

In any case...watching with someone else fangirling it is the best. Especially when they're as awesome as Erika, who, while she is not quite into mocking the coats and hair as I am, regularly yells, "CHEER UP, EMO BOY!" at the screen. And she'd brought a Stitch plushie and kept hugging it and chewing on its ear during the really sad teary parts.

For the new, I'm pretty sure that my entire dorm heard us screaming. I mean, they must have. Because we were screaming a lot.

Hana Yori Dango Returns 04. I think I showed admirable restraint in the picspam for most of the episode, but then the final scene came, and I threw caution to the wind and, um, just capped the fuck out of it. )

I think watching with Erika will now be a regular post-class Friday activity. Hurrah!

...I think I've broken up with VM. Maybe I'll end up getting desperate and going back once Hanadan ends, but otherwise this is the first show I've been madly, insanely in love with since VM S1, and I'm just enjoying loving a show like that again.
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Finished up to episode six of Hanadan S1 with Ayako tonight. We were both giggling so hard at Tsukasa being a total dork during the Ueno Zoo date ("Until you've decided how you feel, I'll wait.'ll regret it if you let a fantastic guy like me slip away, though!!"). I just marathoned the whole first season with [ profile] murasaki_kaze two weeks ago, am watching again with Ayako, and yet still I am going, "Ah, there was once a day when this show made me laugh! As opposed to crying my eyes out and hugging my pillow for days on end, until the next episode came out to hurt me even more, starting the vicious cycle all over again? Sweet, sweet nostalgia!"

I have to be awake in a few hours for my first class of the semester. But.

I CAN'T STOP PICSPAMMING. It's like a disease! And because of the whole nostalgia factor...

A picspammy look back at Hana Yori Dango S1: the days when MatsuJun was frequently upstaged by his own hair (which was in turn frequently upstaged by his coats), Oguri's hair was only in the planning stages of its hostile takeover of the face, and I didn't cry at *all* except for during the final Tsukushi/Tsukasa scene. And those were happy tears! )

...I would love to say, "Well, now that's out of my system!" but unfortunately, while doing this, I realized that there is yet another picspam I need to do for Hanadan. I am convinced it is an idea of pure genius.

Naturally, that means there will probably only be one person on the internets who will really appreciate it. But that's okay, I think we're used to that.

Oh, tonight was awesome. Ayako, her roommate, a few other people, and I all got together to finish the end of the curry rice leftovers. There was still a lot of rice left, so Ayako and her roommate wanted to make onigiri with it. Apparently in Korea, it's normal to tear up nori in strips and mix it in with the rice before making it. Ayako and I were both surprised since when they took out the nori we thought it would be omusubi. ;P Her roommate is really nice -- while we were making the onigiri (it was my first time doing it, Ayako tried to teach me how to make a proper shape but I was totally shippai) her roommate went, "You two are watching the drama about F4?!!" *grin* I forgot how various incarnations of Hanadan have popularity across Asia; she'd seen Meteor Garden. Hanadan: the great social/cultural equalizer?!!
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And now, my week-late post for Hanadan's second episode.

First, the novel-length gushing I wrote up a week ago. )

And now, the picspam. Which I managed to keep just under 125 pictures this time. )

...yes, I've basically wasted two of my last days of vacation on Hanadan picspam. *facepalm*
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Hana Yori Dango Returns 03 picspam: Not for dialup users or the faint of heart, as it's over 150 pictures. )

P.S. there needs to be a Tsukushi/Tsukasa fanvid for S2 set to "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I don't know why. I just know there needs to be one now.

(edit: I just realized I got through a post where I mocked Oguri Shun's hair more than MatsuJun's. Wow. This is a big step for me.)
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I have no shame. None. Oh god if this turns into a weekly thing, I will have no life. Though I think the reason this episode was so pretty was because most of it was shot outside.

Hana Yori Dango Returns 01: THE EXCESSIVE PICSPAM, PART DEUX. )
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Hana Yori Dango Returns: ASKJDBAE'FBe'jd.

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So...[ profile] mojotastic is away on a trip and she was inviting random comment spam while she was away. And I thought I should do something random and amusing for that.

And then this happened. And it seemed kind of big for the comment, so, now we have a random post.

I'm sure that all of you who have watched Hana Yori Dango have wondered, at least once (if not every other hour of your life since finishing watching the drama), "What would it have been like if there had been snakes on Domyouji's plane?"


So without further fanfare, I give you...

HEBI YORI DANGO. *ba-dum-dum!* I'll be here all week. )

Right. As I said. Important question.


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