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Has anyone cut "Attack it!" as a separate mp3 and put it up for download? Since the con, I've been hooked. And it's killing my iPod battery to have to constantly fastforward and back up to listen to it.

I couldn't see the members during that song, but since it wasn't the first night for my friend and she seemed to know what to do, I was just copying her. Then when I got home, people online were complaining that the arena and the stands were totally out of synch on their response and dance timing. "Wait, I thought we responded on the HEY!" "I thought we were responding on the YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!" "I thought we were just moving to the rhythm!" The only thing that was obvious was the JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP! part. I really wanna know what the right answer is now...

Becky/Jun reenacting the Hanadan airport scene on Arashi-chan. Why is it that even though TBS is shameless and desperate and I know it's pathetic that they just can't let it go, I still eat it up with a spoon? Though Nino cracking up in the background is pretty much what makes it awesome.

Okay, now on to part two of my picspam series of shame. Part two: two-shots!

Jun/Mao picspam, 2/3. )
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My internet has been down all night. ORZ I have a million emails and stuff I need to reply to but ended up spending my night offline doing this instead.

All of my Returns photoshoot files and stills are on my old computer in America, though, so this is pretty much entirely Final. Which is fine, because Final is super pretty!

Jun/Mao picspam, 1/3. Final-centric. Part One consists of production stills, offshoots, and caps from the making DVD extra. )


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