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So...[ profile] mojotastic is away on a trip and she was inviting random comment spam while she was away. And I thought I should do something random and amusing for that.

And then this happened. And it seemed kind of big for the comment, so, now we have a random post.

I'm sure that all of you who have watched Hana Yori Dango have wondered, at least once (if not every other hour of your life since finishing watching the drama), "What would it have been like if there had been snakes on Domyouji's plane?"


So without further fanfare, I give you...

HEBI YORI DANGO. *ba-dum-dum!* I'll be here all week. )

Right. As I said. Important question.
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In which I picspam the Aquaman pilot and mock, mock, mock.

(Though seriously, I think characterization-wise, the whole, "My mommy disappeared in the middle of the ocean kicking a mermaid's ass!" plot just seemed like it had more potential than Clark's...oh wait, Clark doesn't have any of that, he's just a whiny bitch who sits in the barn blaring his Dashboard and crying, "WHY DOESN'T LANA LOVE MEEEEEEEEEE (besides the secreths and the lieths)?" into his pillow.)

I truly wish I had the SV pilot onhand so I could provide comparisons from one to the other. But I do not. Woeee! You shall all just have to cope with lots of shirtless wet Justin Hartley instead. I know, it hurts me just as much as it hurts you.

Aquaman: The Picspam. AKA, the show I sort of wish had gotten picked up if only because then I could have seen Fox from Passions prancing around on my TV screen wet and shirtless on a weekly basis. Now with snarky commentary! )

Also watched "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." Pieces are all there. Acting is absolutely stellar. Direction is pretty. In fact, the only weak link thus far is in the dialogue. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Did Sorkin just forget, or something? I'll definitely keep watching, though, because Bradley and Matthew together are just wonderful.


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