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Wow, do I hate Asian Art.

PROFESSOR: How many of you are planning to be here for next week's class? (ends at 4:30 the night before Thanksgiving, pffft, good luck)
TWO PEOPLE: *raise hands*
PROFESSOR: ...I don't care if only one person shows up, I am still lecturing, and all of you can just feel bad about missing out on the material!!
ME: ...

I also had to go ask Chris to repackage my JET reccomendation.

CHRIS: Isn't this the second time you've asked me to do this?
ME: ...yes. But it has to, um, match the diagram.
CHRIS: There's a diagram?!
ME: I find it as ridiculous as you do, I assure you.
CHRIS: *fixing the letters* I wrote in both blue and black ink on these sheets. Is that still acceptable? Would these people prefer that I stacked each set of letters, or folded each set individually into the envelope? Do they require a sample of my DNA as well?
ME: Normally I'd say, "Whatever you think will separate my application from the pack!" but as the DNA sample thing wasn't in the diagram, so probably it's a no-go.

Veronica Mars 3x07: Of Vice and Men. )

Watching Torchwood now before I go to work on my paper. I keep thinking, "I don't even like this show. It's utter trash. Why am I watching it?" Then they kick off the episode with shirtless John Barrowman and I'm like, "I think I can suffer through this." I've totally dismissed all hopes of this show ever being decent and have now embraced the fact that its main only redeeming feature is John Barrowman's exceptionally fine ass.

Because I should be writing my paper...I think this calls for a poll on this v. important issue:

[Poll #868715]


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