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My flist has been so adorbs this week. I've been running around like crazy (Mother's Day + stepdad's birthday + trip + work) and haven't actually commented to other peoples' *~feelings~* posts but I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH.

ngl, I still don't really believe it's over. This show has risen from the grave so many times that even now with literally hours to go, I don't believe it. I'm probably still going to be waiting until upfronts secretly believing they will pull a Seventh Heaven, despite knowing it's impossible (...OR IS IT?).

I'm getting on a plane in a bit, so I'm gonna be missing a lot of the pre-show countdown. I'm just gonna add my *~feelings~* post to the pile now:

This show is ridiculous, which is something we all totally recognize and then went ahead and kept on caring anyway. We lived through the GAYLEs, Lana's (SPOILER ALERT) pancaked parents, Stompy the Wonder Horse, the walls/sharks/darkness around Lex's pants, Mulana, the underground railroad, Stride gum, an endless quantity of SECRETS AND LIES, and (last here but certainly first in my heart) the fake baby.

And yet for a decade (despite perhaps our better judgment), we still didn't stop caring about that one girl on a mission, here to bring us the truth.

I'd never say this show is my favorite of all time (because lol no), and the fandom taken as a whole is totally off the wall, but... Just in terms of my own personal experience, I think this fandom has been and probably always will be most important to me. There will never be another like this. I'm so grateful for all the people I've met and everything we've accomplished as a group. ♥

Until Friday night...

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