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So I'm watching the first half of the SV finale. )

My mom and I watched the last three episodes of GG. And cried pretty much the whole last two episodes while projecting our current situations onto the characters.

Then I capped them and I bawled all over again.

Gilmore Girls: picspam for the last three episodes. SOB. )

Show that will not be getting the teary-eyed, nostalgia-filled goodbye post this week: VM. I wish I felt like even tuning in, but sadly I just don't feel compelled to watch Veronica solve the mystery of how her sex tape got out on the internets.
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So, the CW is now airing the promo for the series finale of GG. I haven't watched the show in a year and a half, but last night on every commercial break, I was getting a little teary when it aired.

I used to love that show like crazy. Watching the DVDs is one of the rare things my mom and I enjoy together. The summer before college started, they were playing this huge montage promo set to "Ballerina" by Leona Naess and ending with the scene from the S4 premiere of Rory saying wistfully, re: college, "I just hope it's everything I want it to be," and my mom and I both criiiied every single time that promo aired.

But now it's over. And even though since the Palladinos left and took their taste in music with them, and we don't get kickass musical montage promos anymore (remember that S5 promo set to "Shh" by Frou Frou?), and the series finale promo was pretty average, I'm still nostalgic and stuff.

So, a small picspam of some of the good times in the early years. Oh, and I almost lost it when I thought I saw Luke carrying a bag of ice in the promo, but now I think I'm wrong. Oh well. )


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