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I love that fandom is already wanking over Smallville's opening credits next year. Wow, is this going to be a looong summer. But the reason for the wank is that apparently it was confirmed that Aaron Ashmore, the guy playing our own resident misogynistic asshole, is a thirteen-episode regular next year? SCORE.

(I. I just. IT'S JIMMY OLSEN, for crying out loud. "Misogynistic" and "Jimmy Olsen" should never, ever be used in the same sentence.)

Okay, y'all. You know how I went, "OMG! Kat from BSG was that Talon waitress and Chloe's roommate!" a while back? Then I realized Dee was one of Dawn's minions in "Spirit."

So then I went to IMDB, and concluded that Vancouver is an even smaller world than I'd realized. In fact, even as [ profile] mojotastic and I were rejoicing, "OMG! HELO ON SMALLVILLE!" IMDB revealed that this is his second appearance: he guested back in S3. AND HE WAS SHIRTLESS THEN TOO. (I KNOW! He was that guy that Clark's blood resurrected!!)

And so, apparently, has EVERYONE ELSE, EVER. Guested, that is. Okay, not most of the major major players, but really. EVERYONE ELSE ON BSG.

Keep in mind that after a point I got bored, and also was not in the least bit interested in rewatching certain episodes just for finding That One Guy. Like, "Velocity" to find the One Guy who played Dante's mechanic? NO.

But Helo, Chief, Kat, Callie, Leoben, Tory? ALL BEEN TO SMALLVILLE. )


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